Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Two-Fer: Whiskey AND Weed

Well, sorta, anyway. There's some spoilsport over at Alternet who's claiming we can't have both, and that if we could have only one, weed would be preferable.
Let’s review, shall we? The most successful Olympian in history attends a college party, pounds a few beers, and allegedly behaves like a drunken ass. At some point during the evening, he inhales a bit of marijuana. When all of this becomes public, he is run through the social, corporate, and legal wringer—but only for his suspected pot use. So what lesson has our champion swimmer learned? That’s simple. Next time he goes out in public, he should just stick to being drunk and obnoxious.

Dang! Who ever thought I'd be anti-choice?

But experienced debauchers actually do agree:

Still, I like both, prefer 'em together, or separate (since I have a pact with myself: no whiskey before 4pm), daily, at least.

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