Friday, August 28, 2009

Could Weed Actually Be GOOD For You?

That would be cool, nest paw?

Well, open your ports and let the coolness flow!

The semi-coolness, anyway. The results aren't really in yet on the "good for you" part (though there are indications it maybe effective in preventing some kinds of cancers), but they are beginning to coalesce around the notion that, at least, it won't kill you. That's the headline on Alternet this morning. There follows a report:
The article linked, by Fred Gardner, editor of the medical marijuana research quarterly journal O'Shaughnessy's, shares the results of a major medical study the media completely ignored, and his conclusions are quite blunt on the matter: Smoking pot doesn't cause lung cancer. In fact, the study found that cigarette smokers who also smoked marijuana were at a lower risk of contracting lung cancer than tobacco-only smokers.
Roll 'em!


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