Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blessed Saviour Appears On Dog's Ass

DOTOF™:"The Future Was Yesterday"

It's a freaking MIRACLE, I tell ya!! Call the Arch-Bishop. Call the FUCKING VATICAN FER CHRISSAKE! If ya look real close, you see His eyes are brown!

See if you can discern the shape of Our Lord on the arrangement of parts on this blessed Dog's hinder regions.

Hint: It's a Standing Jesus, with arms spread from the hips. See it? Start at the anus, and work down.

(This Is Gonna KILL On E-Bay!)


  1. You're right - this is roll on the ground laughing, pee yourself funny.

  2. This post has earned you a link to a second blog at OTC.

    I will be attending Mass tomorrow morning after this.

    Is PZ Meyers aware of this thing of wonder.

  3. Scary funny Woody!