Sunday, August 9, 2009

Another Gathering of Blog-Geezers, Soonish?

So far there are three (Woody, Pat, & Russ) of us who have met, twice (or thrice, depending), to quaff suds (or other relevant spirits), dispute politely the deteriorating condition of the polity, and criticize the Pope of Hope on the event of his many, and infuriatingly increasing disappointments.

There will likely be another such gathering, possibly with our Colorado pal, One Fly, in attendance, this month or next.

This post is an Open Invitation to anyone, Geezer or merely aging ungracefully and/or ungraciously, to join us in the fun.

"Geezer," btw, is non-gender-specific, so any Geezettes wishing to join the fun should not be abashed...

I will post the details when they have been established.

Cheers, shares (as ol' Juustahn Weelsohn usta say!)

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