Monday, December 7, 2009

Women Consuming Pot Display "A Bigger Amygdala"

There is a quite long, quite thorough, quite detailed though only anecdotally, quite (seemingly) professional piece up since Saturday on Alternet--

The Secret to Legal Marijuana? Women
By Daniela Perdomo, AlterNet. Posted December 5, 2009.

Why women have signed onto marijuana reform -- and why they could be the movement's game-changers.
--the gist of which is that an upswing in women's (admitted) pot consumption is apparently co-incident with emerging evidence of relations of pot consumption to significant "positive" effects for users across an array of different treatment regimes for a variety of afflictions and illnesses. Such information and the growing use of weed by women may, the author speculates, provide the necessary popular impetus to the efforts to "legalize it...."

Cherchez la femme, nest paw?

Speaking of which, a lady-friend asked if there were vids on this subject, and I said I'd look, and sure enough, there 's a whole lot of entertaining and informative vids on the subject. I selected this one because I think the guy doing it is Dutch, and I figger, if anybody should know anything about growing something from seeds, it'd be a Nederlander--think "tulips":