Sunday, December 13, 2009

...And Waves

"Eddie would go..."

So they held the Eddie Aikau Contest on the North Shore last week. They don't even hold the contest unless the waves are over 20'. They start the Eddie watch on Nov.1, and big-wave riders the world over set aside an any-time airline reservation for Honoulu and wait. Some years there just aren't waves big enough.

Not this year. The call went out Dec 7, and the surfers flew in over-night. Dec. 8 dawned HUGE: 40-50 feet, some sets. Fuukin CRAZY waves.

Greg Long, from Long Beach, and a former Mavericks' big wave master (2008), and who I think lives in Santa Cruz, won. His winning ride is the last one you see on the sECOND vid...Ramon Navarro won for "Insane Drop, survived."

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(Ignore the hideous trailer)

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