Thursday, December 17, 2009

Homeless Pitbulls, a Two-fer: "Dave" & "Frenchie"

Name: DAVE
DOB: approx. Jan. 2003 (here since 1/15/05)
Gender: male
Size: approx. 90 lbs.
Other dogs: decent, but will need to be the only dog in the home.
Cats: no
Kids: to be determined

Profile: Poor Dave just adds to the never ending number of stray dogs in South Los Angeles. I mean c'mon this is one cute dog. Someone out there must need a Dave in their life. He is a volunteer favorite!!! 90 lbs of love on your lap!

Name: FRENCHIE (here since Feb. 9, 2009)
DOB: Jun 1. 2008 approx.
Gender: female
Size: petite, but still growing
Other dogs: Great
Cats: Good
Kids: to be determined, but we think great

Profile: If not for the kind heart of her guardian angelFrench (Frenchie) would've probably died of cold and hunger as she lay in the gutter and rain on a cold winter night in Los Angeles. She was just a tiny puppy then and no one either noticed or cared that she lay there helpless. It took the compassion of a young girl to reach out and forget that she was a "Pit Bull". Frenchie loves her stuffed animals and would nothing more than to curl up in bed with her new "sister" or even a "brother"...a two legged one that is.

(*Frenchie will absolutely require a home with a HIGH fence, as this girl can jump like no other:)
To repeat my previous injunctions: The Villalobos Rescue Center will not adopt a dog into any home which already has dogs. They do not welcome tourists, but you can arrange to visit. They do not like to adopt their dogs out-of-state.

I have all of everything that's non-consumable that I'll need for a long time. SO, anyone who might be harboring generous instincts in my direction this Holiday Season, I'd be plumb tickled if you'd instead donate the amount you might spend to VRC.

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  1. Glad Tidings from RC: Frenchie has found a home!

    Best news I've had in weeks...