Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Franchise Opportunity: Grow Your Own

This weekend, in Sacramento, there's a workshop/meeting to instruct growers and dealers in the intricacies of opening a marijuana apothecary. I wish there were one closer, but I'm already committed to do a Santa gig Saturday...
Learn how to be a registered Medicinal Marijuana Provider under state law, and how to form a Non-Profit Medical Marijuana Collective, you will also learn How To Start A Medical Marijuana Dispensary and a Medical Marijuana Delivery Service so you can safely distribute medicine to patients.

You will hear all about the legal issues surrounding operating a Medical Marijuana Business from attorneys who specialize in Medical Marijuana Law and have a proven track record, ask them any questions you may have.

You will learn about Medical Marijuana Business Licenses, Marijuana Business Permits, what are the start up costs of a Marijuana Business and how long it takes to start a Marijuana Dispensary or any other Medical Marijuana Business.
It's just bidness...:
If you hired an attorney for consultation, you would pay $500 to $2,500 just for them to teach you the laws and how to start up your business. The C.C.I. Main Seminar will have two attorneys who specialize in medical marijuana law that have helped hundreds of people to open marijuana businesses teaching parts of the course, that is a minimum $2,500 value that you get with your payment of $250. The greatest asset of all, you can call us back with any and all questions that you may and we'll be glad to assist you as much as we can. This is a terrific opportunity for anyone who is interested in starting a legitimate business in medical marijuana. Not to mention, all the extras that you'll get--such as the professional medical marijuana grower's info, medical marijuana cooking instructions, edible and concentrate recipes, connecting you with people who are already in business to help you along. You will get handouts to take with you to refer to if you need that will have all the instructions in detail written for you and most of the forms that you'll need to file, an up to $500 value and saving you valuable time.
The course covers:
  • 1) Marijuana Law: Learn from expert lawyers that help people start Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and Non-Profit Medical Marijuana Collectives everyday.
  • 2) Starting a business in cannabis: If you would like to start a Marijuana Dispensary, Non-Profit Collective, Marijuana Delivery Service, Marijuana Co-op and Marijuana Grow Operation, these classes are for you.
  • 3) Growing: Take lessons from professional growers. Objective: learn how to produce medicine flowers from starter plants through harvest.
  • 4) Cooking, Edibles And Extracts: Use your medicine by other means. Objective: you will learn about the hundreds of edible cannabis products that are now available.
  • 5) Mixer And Resources: get off on the right foot. Objective: to insure that students feel comfortable and confident before leaving the two day workshop, to assist one another finding people that have knowledge and resources to help you in your goal of working within the cannabis industry.