Friday, September 2, 2011

Up-side Down Pibble Challenge!

ANYONE who has spent more than five minutes in the company of pitbulls has seen 'en flip over on their backs, waving their legs in the air and grinning like really silly dogs!

Calling All StubbyLovers:
We need YOU to help the world see pit bulls in a new light! You, our amazing community of caring fans, can make a difference in the public perception of pit bulls. You can help others rediscover the pit bull by turning our Upside Down Dog video into a viral sensation!
Here’s how: We challenge every single one you to share the Upside Down video at least 5 times between now and September 10th.
Here are a few ways to spread the video: (
• Post it on your Facebook page
• Share it on Twitter
• Email the YouTube link to 5 friends
• Embed the video in your blog
Imagine how many people we can reach if, as a community, we each shared the video 5 times? That’s a lot of people smiling at our silly upside down dogs!
Here's our FB shared...

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