Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Homeless Pit: "Blue" Willow Needs a Home...

Name: WILLOW (here since 5/19/09)
DOB: July. 2008 approx.
Gender: male
Size: he's a very BIG boy, very tall.
Other dogs: good
Cats: no
Kids: to be determined

Profile: Poor Willow has now become another L.A. statistic. A stray dog and one of those "rare" blue dogs, he was found wandering in a not so good part of town. If not for the kindess of a woman walking her Cocker Spaniel, this gorgeous guy would have probably died on the street. Willow is a very affectionate dog but will also need a strong willed owner. He still has alot to learn as he acts like a typical teenager. But one thing that is for sure, he's ready to make your home a place to plant his roots. Afterall he is a "Willow"...

What a glorious looking beast! They're SO noble.

The folks at Villalobos Rescue Center do not like to adopt their dogs out-of-state, and do NOT place their dogs with anyone who already owns dogs, either.

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  1. Thank you, Woody, for the shout out for Willow and for the link, we so appreciate all the great support we are getting.