Sunday, November 15, 2009

Well, THAT Was Fun!

The Ancient Order of the Aging Curmudgeonly Librul Bloggers of the Middle Valley of the Rio Grande del Norte (AOACLBMVRGN) once again conducted one of its irregularly unscheduled gatherings to quaff suds, gnosh bar food, and to regale one another with war stories of the blogging variety.

Attending were:
Pat, one of the local/regulars, a high-school social studies teacher who manages two blogs, Family & Friends for political-educational-social chitchat, and one--Optimus-- whereupon he flogs his novel of the same name;

Russ, another of the local/regulars, who is a retired mathematician, and has one blog --Private Buffoon--but spends most of his time looking after his seriously ill wife;

OneFly, a visitor from Colorado, who maintains a golf-course and presides over a blog called Out of the Cornfield, where he posts notes and comments on the passing scene in/around Steamboat Springs, as well as his quite remarkable photographs; OF (Tom) brought two of his pals down along with him, and, naturally

Y'r O'b'd't S'v't --whose bloggy enterprises comprise an ever-expanding empire devoted to banality and trivia.
Our little froup (WAAAIT) comprises a wide variety of interests and experience, and is focussed on the demonstrable fact that truth and facts have a Liberal bias.

This was our third or fourth meeting. We'd happily expand the membership, for which there are no other requirement than that aspiring participant be 1) moderately conversant in the important issues of the day/week/month/year/decade, and 2) a convivial conversationalist 3) with a taste for libational spirits.

If you'd like to be notified of the next gathering of the AOACLBMVRGN, leave word in the comments, and I'll inform you of future plans.

All of which was a cap to an interesting experience: a 90-minute session in which Y'O'S posed "nekkid" for an art-photographer from NYC, whose project as I understand it is to catalog in some way the many shapes and stages of physiological decline and decay among middle-aged (and older) males. I am, of course, ideally suited for such a display...

The fotog shot with real 6"x6" color film with a pretty nice Mamiya camera. After developing them, she then digitizes the negatives (iirc). She said she'll send me jpegs.

The fee she paid me for posing covered the beer and chile-cheez fries consumed later at Spins--a sort of sports bar that bragged they have 'just about every beer under the sun, but which, upon inquiry, turned out NOT to have Bass Ale...So, staying in character, I drank Arrogant Bastard, a nice, bitter, hoppy Ale by the Stone Brewing Company.

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  1. Thanks for that Woody and I'm all for another one. There must be more bloggers like us in the vicinity.