Friday, November 27, 2009

This Week's Good Dog In Need Of A Home: "Tigger"

Name: TIGGER (here since 1/07/07)
DOB: May 2006 (approx)
Gender: ALL BOY!
Size: a compact 65 lbs. approx
Other dogs: No, at least not now
Cats: no
Kids: good
Profile: Like so many of our dogs, Tigger had to be brought to our facility because his owner was deployed to Iraq. It was a heartbreaking day as Tigger's owner told us it was his third tour of duty. He looked back and Tigger, "hope to see you again boy." Our best wishes are with PFC Anthony Jesse Aguilar...
Another of the big puppies at the Villalobos Rescue Center who would sure like to have a home. VRC does NOT adopt dogs to any applicant who already has a dog. They do NOT like to place their clients out-of-state, and they do NOT like unannounced visitors.

In lieu of X-mas/holiday presents, if anyone would want to send me any, please make a donation to these wonderful, amazing beasts and the good folks who care for them so mindfully..

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