Thursday, September 23, 2010

For Wombats, At Least, Things Appear To Be Looking Up

One of the bloggers I admire most is "D r i f t g l a s s" in Chicago. He has been an indomitable spirit through this past, truly frightening decade. Today he departed on one his whimsical (fund-raising) asides, which I will supply the bare bones: his illustration (above) and the AP story that inspired it (below), and invite you to traipse over the his site for to savor the rest.

From ABC News:
American gives $8m to wombat rescuers

A multi-million-dollar bequest from an American benefactor has shocked a volunteer wombat rescue program in South Australia.

The man visited Mannum in South Australia to see the work two years ago and has now given $8 million to the Wombat Awareness Organisation.

Founding director Brigitte Stevens has been astounded by the donation and plans to put the money towards buying land to develop a centre to care for wombats.

"There's nothing like that in South Australia and you know that'd be a big step forward for conservation in South Australia where we can then work on co-existence with other species of wildlife as well," she said.

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