Monday, February 15, 2010

Somebody's Always Trying to "Tell the Truth" About Weed

There are actual, taxonomical differences betwee "marijuana" and "hemp," bot otherwise this is the 'true gen':

Herr Diesel created his wonderful engine to burn hemp-oil.

By the way: At Mavericks', Saturday, "Twiggy" Baker on a 50-footer (You have NO IDEA how brave this is!):

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  1. The Declaration of Independence is on hemp?
    I like this guy, and NORML.
    I have to say that weed was certainly Velvet's gateway to mushrooms . . . not a bad thing.

    And now that this fellow is talking about REM sleep, I'm thinking of a Mandelbrot set.
    Jeez, Woody, I've been contemplating the Mandelbrot Set ever since you got me to watch the video.