Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Leave Our Dogs The FUCK Alone!

All over the country, cities and other venues have enacted laws and rules essentially outlawing dogs classified as "pit-bulls" due to a reputation--overwhelmingly undeserved--that such dogs have been accorded for aggression and violence.

But the truth of the matter is somewhat different. Pitties aren't stigmatized because of their allegedly violent proclivities. Pitties are stigmatized because they were the breed of choice among "urban gangsta/thug" culture who might train their dogs as weapons of intimidation. It's not the dogs that folks want to get rid of, it's the 'undesirables' who own them.

Pit-bull panic is yet another outgrowth of racial fear and division...

There is a lovely, plaintive appeal to the press to lay off our dogs here.

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