Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Official Sandwich of New Mexico

Burt's Burger Bowl, in Santa Fe? and of course Blake's Lotaburger, state-wide. They're drive-in's. Johnny's in Las Vegas. Smokey's La Mesita in Pojoaque, long since departed into the mists of time.

Last autumn, I conducted a truckful of 'greenhorns' to the Owl Cafe in San Antonio (about 5 miles west of the Stallion Gate, on the road that leads ultimately to the Trinity site). And, as I now recall, there is an "Owl Cafe" scion in Albuquerque, now, too. or there was, until lately, anyway.

And I do feel the truly visceral NEED for a really GOOD green-chile cheese-burger, fries and a Carta Blanca, or two...

It's gotten so that I seldom consume comestibles which do NOT accomodate the flavor of green chile...

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