Friday, September 11, 2009

And BEER! : "Beer Is Tasty"

Beavis & Butthead On Brewskis (a bit obnoxious)

COSTCO: The Best 75 Cent Bottle Of Beer in the Country!

"Kirkland Amber Ale" -- "Above Average"

I quaff a fair quantity of suds: sometimes a sixer/night, or more. I LOVE Pale Ale, and the "Kirkland" is darn good for Murkin beer: Near as good as New Belgian, and 3/4 (or less) the price...I agree wholly with their opinion of the Amber. I think pretty much all "heffe-weizen" taste about the same. Lagers FULL of flavor are rarer than honest bankers, so one doesn't really expect much (outside dear old Deutschland), so the so-called German lager gets a pass, too...

Twenty-four 12-oz bottles (for 18 bucks!): affordable, in convenient size, therefore. I always bring home a case (when it's in stock...ahem...). It's think it's pretty good beer and a dang good value...

By the way: Any home-brewers want to recycle my empties?

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