Saturday, February 8, 2014

Age 42, Kelly Slater is STILL "The King" of Competive Surfing,

Kelly scores a perfect "10" on this monster barrel.
Kelly Slater, could you please share with us whatever top secret elixir of ocean immortality you're drinking?
Once again the 11-time world champion stole the show during the Volcom Pipe Prosurf contest, successfully managing a late and dangerously steep air drop into a wave that most others, as demonstrated in the video above, simply can't handle.
What makes this drop-in (at :14) even more insanely epic? Slater achieved the difficult landing without grabbing his board for support -- a common technique for surfers. Instead, the surfing legend uses ballerina-like grace, spreading his arms for balance and exiting the tube like it was no big deal.
While the incredible drop-in landed him the first perfect ten score in the contest and stunned the crowd, this feat is definitely not a first for Slater. The world champ has claimed a myriad of perfect tens -- even perfect 20s -- throughout his decades-long career.
In fact, when an announcer asked the 41 year old contest winner what he thought of his perfect performance, the legendary wave rider all but brushed it off.
"It was all right. You've got to lower your standards. [The wave was] not as good as it was this morning."
If that was what lowering your standards looks like, everyone else can just give up now.

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  1. Am I the only other New Mexican who even knows who Slater is? He is without a doubt the most dominate, ever.