Monday, October 22, 2012

Dogs Don't Keep Time, So Ending DST = NOTHING

It happens every fall, like clockwork, you could say — and you’d be right. On that first Sunday after daylight saving time ends (Nov. 4 this year, if you haven’t made note), we set the clocks back and look forward to enjoying a longer night's rest. An extra hour of sleep is such a wonderful thing, especially on a cold morning — except that sometimes, not everyone in your house understands that this is a time to sleep in.
Unfortunately, your dog isn’t as easy to set as the clocks. Wait an hour for breakfast? Not in his world! It's time to get up!
Most dogs will adjust to the time change within a few days, but others will continue to demand that you get up and at 'em at the old time for weeks without realizing — or caring — that for you, there’s still another hour to go before the day starts. And some dogs are just early risers by nature, regardless of where we are in the daylight saving calendar. Can you adjust your dog's internal clock? You probably can, and here’s some help.

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