Saturday, December 3, 2011

Companion Volume

This is my Pit bull, Budreaux. He is the first pit bull I've ever had. I am sorry it took so long to learn about them. He's literally and figuratively the best "dog" I've ever hung around with. Our temperaments exactly coincide. If you ever need the words to end a relationship with me, attack pit bulls. That'd do it. Gay-ron-FUUKIN-Teed, cher!

This is a daily, sometimes more frequent, occurence. He seems sometimes to feel the urge or need to divest himself of these sentiments. They can last up to a couple of minutes. I'm sure he improvising. He's a natural, doncha think?

(Recorded with a desk-top mini-cam. I like the antic framing.)


  1. He certainly likes the last word.He is adorable and knows he is the boss

  2. Woody, loved it! thanks for sharing...i let my toy doxie boo boo share in watching your video. At 1st her heart rate was pounding outta her little hound chest . By the end her heart was beating at a slower more calm rate....She wouldn't stop staring at the screen,maybe she understands you both