Friday, October 28, 2011

Skeevy, Reaking, Oozing, Feculent, Dripping, Suppurating SLAG!

I repeat: That Skeevy, Reaking, Oozing, Feculent, Dripping, Suppurating SLAG! Sue Wilson Beffort.

GOPhux Senator from the NorthEast Wheights in Albuquerque...

Has had an on-going, years-long antagonism against Pit-bulls.

And appears to be preparing to begin another jihad, in the next legislative session:
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- A New Mexico senator is pushing for harsher penalties for pit bull owners.
State Sen. Sue Wilson Beffort wants to hold owners of pit bull mixes accountable if their dog harms or kills someone. The push comes days after felony charges were filed against the owners of several pit bulls that were implicated in the fatal mauling of a Truth Or Consequences woman.
“We feel that the mixed breed pit bulls are a very, very dangerous dog and potentially easily provoked,” Beffort said.
The proposed bill would force mixed breed pit bull owners to register their pet as a dangerous dog. It would also eliminate proof that a dog was provoked, so charges could be filed faster."

Sue Wilson Befford: Your "Ignorant Cunt of the Year."

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