Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rescue Goes Right! Cogswell Goes Home

Straight off Facebook this morning:
Good (more like GREAT) Afternoon! We have the most extraordinary ‘rescue tale’ to share with you! Hold onto your hats, for you’re bound to soar beside us in gratitude and amazement :) Yesterday afternoon, an incredible member of the BNB Family (named Jill) BOARDED AN AIRPLANE from Florida, flew into JFK Airport in NY, and ADOPTED COGSWELL FROM THE MANHATTAN SHELTER!!!!!!! We are BEYOND ECSTATIC, OVERJOYED, & ETERNALLY GRATEFUL to Jill for her heroic (and no doubt exhausting!) effort in saving precious COGWELL’S life!!! I am literally giggling with joy as I type this post, as happy as a pittie in a pet store =) Jill saw ‘her dog’ in COGSWELL’S photo and put his life above all else. She took all the necessary steps – and then some! – to ensure his safety and his new place in her loving family. We often say that in rescue work, you see the worst AND the best of humanity as it relates to our canine counterparts. Jill: THANK YOU for restoring our faith in humanity and showing the world what is possible when you commit to saving a life. THANK YOU for proving that miracles can indeed happen when one is driven by love, and guided by compassion. May the glorious Florida sun bestow warmth and comfort upon sweet COGSWELL and his new, wonderful forever family. And may everyone involved in this rescue rejoice in the magnificence of a newly-saved pittie ♥ FROM DEATH ROW TO FOREVER HOME! ♥ [Jill’s latest message: He is the BEST!!! A total LOVER!!! We are homeward-bound this afternoon! I'll let you know when we're home safe. I'm eternally grateful to everyone for your support.]

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