Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pibble "Ruby" Is BOTH A service & A Terapy Dog.

I mainly want to bitch-slap folks who bad-mouth these dogs.

Pitbulls always seem to get a bad rap, which Ruby doesn't deserve. She shines a great light on her breed! Just a clarification on RUBY THE SERVICE AND THERAPY DOG. She is BOTH. In November 2005 she received her TDI therapy dog certification. As the medical needs of her owner changed, Ruby went back to school and was trained thru www.puppyloveinc.org (service dogs). In February of 2009, she then received her credentials as a SERVICE DOG with proper id. Hope this clears up any confusion. Sadly, Ruby is now fighting Cancer. So to clarify, Ruby is DEFINITELY a SERVICE dog and does go into stores, ect.
My friend/vet/pal Laurell, the gypsy-vet in the Mountains, learned sad news yesterday: her 7-yr-old Ausssie cattle dog, Nita, has cancer that has now entered the lungs, and the prognosis is as you'd expect. My heart goes out to both.

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  1. Having been privileged enough to know a few pibbles in my life, including a rescued fighter who died of cancer at age 14, I promise you I am quick to make someone cry if they insult the breed within earshot. Great post.