Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ach! 'Tis TERRIBLE News! (And It's Bluiddy "Whisky," NOT "Whiskey," Ye Soddin' Cretins!)

Don’t drink and drive, but feel free to let your car party all it wants! After two years and $400,000, researchers at Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland have successfully turned whiskey into fuel.
The researchers were provided with the general products needed to make whiskey as well as the byproducts that typically result from production of the alcohol.
(Ach, well, this is better~~W) They found they were able to make a form of biobutanol — which is 30% more efficient than ethanol — with two whiskey byproducts – pot ale and draff. Finally, a discovery worthy of a toast!

Read more: Scottish Researchers Turn Whiskey into Fuel

An' tis whisky in the CAR, then?

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