Friday, May 7, 2010

Ένα επαναστατικό σκυλί

It's a time-honored adage that anyone in Washington who wants a friend had better get a dog. But who knew that man's best friend would also be a boon to Greek rioters?

Amid the turmoil of the Greece financial crisis, photos and videos of street protests have turned up a kind of canine "Where's Waldo" figure: a mutt that may have some German shepherd genes, and clearly has a strong interest in civic disorder.
While one can't be certain that it's the same pooch at every protest — Athens is something of a magnet for street-savvy stray dogs — this mutt does sport a distinctive blue collar, which may indicate that, while he's a stray, he's also current on his shots.

By some accounts, the dog has been on the Athens protest scene ever since 2008 (though some say the 2008 pooch is a similar-looking dog named Kanellos who established himself as a fixture at demonstrations and died that year).
The current mutt has won a long string of blog tributes and a number of online nicknames, including "Rebel Dog," "Riot Dog" and "Protest Dog." He even has a Facebook page devoted to him (as "Riot-Dog"). Here's a sample of his protest outings (with apologies to Kanellos partisans if he's inadvertently included here).

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