Tuesday, April 20, 2010

4/20: Stoners' Holiday!

As pot smokers celebrate the holiday of all things marijuana, The Daily Beast crunches the numbers to determine the 40 highest cities.

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April 20 is a date born out of many myths: It was police shorthand (“420”) for marijuana smoking, it was the time of a daily toking ritual of a high school crew in San Rafael, California, and it was an orchestrated event by Deadheads in the early ‘90s.

Regardless of origin, 4/20 is now universally known as the annual date of celebration for those with pot-smoking, counterculture pride. This year, 15,000 residents and students in Boulder will crowd together for the University of Colorado’s annual smokeout, marijuana magistrates will gather to judge the best medical marijuana at the annual Oly 420 Cup in Olympia, Washington, and the All American Health and Healing Cooperative will host a 420 Celebration fest in Los Angeles where, for $75, attendees can learn to clone plants, enter a raffle for five ounces of pot, and snag a photo-op in the “Garden of Weeden.”

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