Sunday, January 3, 2010


Before the deed; note the chin pony-tail. I usta wear my hair tied back in a pony-tail, too. That way I could be a horses ass coming and going...
First the chin-tail went. We rolled it into blunts and smoked it...

Then thinning began in earnest. The first comb was 3/4 inch...

My old friend Patty, from Santa Fe, had come down for the event. She took over fofr the shorter cuts.

Final trim.


Budreaux took it all in with his usual savoir faire.

Pfotos by Jay Hevey


  1. OMG! There's a very nice face under there.

    A lot of guys grow those things cause they have no chin = you have a chin.

    Like the stache. :)

  2. Does anybody know how to isolate text with images on Blogger?

  3. You mean like captions under the photos?

  4. OMG! John, I wouldn'a recognized ya! I can't wait to see the final, final result--combed, trimmed, etc. You look better than Buddy! Olive you, brudder! Joanie (your sister...)

  5. A bit early for spring cleaning isn't it. I liked it the other way too.

    Don't understand the question about text and pictures.

  6. Tom (Joanie, too): I've already started growing it back already.

    Yes, the issue is how to 1) spread images around the page and 2) to attach particular texts to the relevant images...

  7. Go to settings and on that page close to the bottom under "Global settings" on the post editor choose "updated editor".

    I use that occasionally because it's definitely easier to manipulate photos on the page and if I remember correctly you're supposed to be able to drag them where ever you want and they are supposed to stay there.